Translation (English) by DeJap - v1


About this Patch

This is a patch to convert the Super Famicom game Bastard!! into English. This is the final release. It requires the original uncorrupt rom with a header. Yes several copies of Bastard roms floating around the net are corrupt.

Everything we could think of has been hacked and translated and tested. If you find any bugs please report them right away. Note that save states from the Japanese rom may not work properly with the translated rom. If anyone tries selling this, we'll kill them!!

About the Translation

This translation is a combination of the original Japanese and the fansubbed anime. There is plenty of profanity in this translation but it is justified by the fact that it existed in the Japanese version, though some of the terms were taken from the fansub. Also, the original game didn't have much of a story to it but the events followed a similar path to the anime, so some of the scenes were added to, by including some of the story from the anime. This greatly improved the overall translation, making it more than a game just full of swearing.

Touch of Death

Because this game can be incredibly hard to beat if you don't understand how to do the moves properly, we have included a trainer to instantly kill your opponent. This is useful if you don't care about the fighting and just want to read the story. There is also a cheat to restore your health, but it can also kill you.

Hint: the cheats require two separate button presses during battle.


Programming, Script Editing
Dark Force (

Programming, Graphics Editing
Anus P. (

Majority of Script Translation

Script Translation, Script Editing

Special Thanks
F.H (for help with the text pause routine)
Jason Li (for help with some script editing)


December 22nd, 2000


Bastard!! English Bastard!! English Bastard!! English Bastard!! English


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