Translation (English) by RPGOne - v2


What's New?

v2.00 (June 20th, 2003) - Major Re-release. Tons of changes including but not limited to:

  1. Equip menus redone to duplicate look of Japanese one.
  2. Expanded the ministatus menu. No more squishy letters for status. And 8 letter names now everywhere in both games (something that no other translator, not even Enix themselves, had ever done ^_~ ).
  3. Redid the ASM for everything. Better loading times on real hardware, specially menus that have 2 line items.
  4. Fixed all remaining bugs that we are aware of, except the clone prince in DQ2 which is partially fixed to not delete his experience, lvl, etc...
  5. Added more names for prince and princess that join your party in DQ2. One to celebrate the new largest RPG company in the world.
  6. Translated and redid the title screen for DQ1.
  7. DQ2 intro and ending fixed to synchronize with the music.
  8. Spacing in text, and letters resized for a better, more uniform look.
  9. Dialogue formatted for a more aesthetic look.
  10. Even more dialogue corrections and editing.

This version is not backwards compatible with other version save states.

Difference Between the DQ and DW Versions:

  • The DQ or DW after the version number indicate the translation you're playing.
  • The DQ VERSION uses character, class, town and item names that are more faithful to the original Japanese version. For example, the ancestor of the main characters is Roto. Also certain dialogue may sound more "eastern."
  • The DW VERSION uses character, class, town and item names that are more "Americanized" and may resemble the names from the original Nintendo of America / Enix of America NES translations. However, the script still remains faithful to the SFC Japanese script, though there are some minor differences from the DQ version's.
  • Most of the changes are merely cosmetic, so choose whichever one you're more interested in. Or play both to see the changes. ^_^

v1.10 (July 26th, 2002) - Thanks to all who reported problems and send in savestates!

  1. Certain enemy names fixed.
  2. Certain item names and functions fixed.
  3. Crashing for lightning sword and leaf of world tree fixed. (hopefully)
  4. Major item duplication fixed: only displays one major item at a time.
  5. Enemies now flash before they die.
  6. Character names for DQ when trading items are now correct.
  7. Fixed the cloned Prince problem.
  8. Numerous other dialogue-related fixes, including inconsistent naming on the DQ patch.
  9. Missing pointer for rescuing Princess after the defeat of Dragonlord fixed.

v1.00 (July 13th, 2002) - First Public Release


Dragon Warrior holds a special place in my memories. I played Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 at a time in my life when I needed activities that could be done from a bed. I was going through many surgeries at the time. These 2 games gave me much enjoyment at a time when nothing else did. I could lose myself in the games, and not worry about the problems I was going through. Then real life took over and I never played another Dragon Warrior game for a while.

Two years ago, I found out that I could play the Super Famicom versions of the Dragon Quest games on a PC. This so elated me, that I immediately found Dragon Quest 1 and 2 Reprise and played it, even though I couldn't understand a word of Japanese. That's when I decided to check more into translating/hacking the game like other translation/hacking groups and individuals did to other great Super Famicom games. That's when I bought the cartridge from a local vendor, and my journey began.

I had no knowledge of assembly programming at the time, and produced my first patch. It was a hack of the NES text from Dragon Warrior 1. I really didn't have much done on it when I realized that the method I was using just wouldn't work well. It was not producing a level of quality that I had noticed in other groups projects like DeJap, J2e, and others. This is when I decided to learn assembly programming so that I could do things like expand menus, 8 letter names, expand spell and item names, etc. I had no knowledge of how to program in anything except Basic. That is when I was told by several people to just give up, because the scripts could never be dumped properly due to the way the dialogue was stored, and how the pointers for the text worked. I rose to the challenge, and after learning what the control codes were in the text, I could easily tell where the dialogue was in the rom. I made complete script dumps, but had no translator. Up to this point, several groups and individuals had tried translating/hacking this game. But none had ever seen it through to completion. I was determined to show that it could be done, and that I could learn what was needed to complete the project with much better quality than I had done in the past. I was willing to do anything it took.

I joined up with Fear Gaia, who for personal reasons left the scene a few months later. I continued working on the game with my friend, Arch Demon, from a Portuguese translation/hacking group, and then made contact with other people in the scene, Dark Force, Byuu, spSpiff, and a few other poeple really helped me out. Byuu and I joined efforts after that. I became very ill, and "disappeared" for a few months. When I returned in better health with a new computer and no files for the project, Byuu was not hacking actively. I really wanted to finish the game. By some miracle, I was contacted by Gideon Zhi who had the files from Byuu that I needed. So I set out to complete the project with translated English scripts by spSpiff. After much aggravation, personal sacrifices, help from many different people, and lots of time and headaches, it is finally done!

The final result is this patch, which I hope is our last patch necessary for this game. Thanks to everyone who offered any words of encouragement, or a helping hand when it was needed.

Project Leader, Hacker, Editor

Playing the Game

The Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series of games is a role-playing experience that many other games have tried to reproduce. Each game features a true RPG character who Enix wants you to call your alter-ego, and allows you to name and personify the character with your own personality. Each DQ game has a battle system that features a first-person view of the battle, making the role-playing experience even more authentic.

Like every classic RPG game, DQ I.II allows you to explore a fantasy world full of memorable characters and villains. You will play as one character in DQ I and three characters in DQ II. Make them fight and cast magic and help them to develop into seasoned warriors of legend powerful enough to defeat evil and save the world.

Miscellaneous and Tips

  • Unlike later games in the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, you MUST save by talking to a king (with a few exceptions). When you die you will lose a portion of your gold and automatically warp back to the king you previously saved at.
  • Churches in DQ1 will only heal you. Churches in DQ2 will heal your status ailments and revive dead characters. They do NOT allow you to save.
  • Talk to everybody and pay close attention to what they say. To finish the game, you will need to go to obscure places and find hidden treasures, so talk to everyone you see for hints of what you should do next.


Project Leader

English Script

Script Editing
Arch Demon
ASM Programming
Arch Demon


Savestates Tool (DQST)

Alexander Sirlin
Arch Demon
Brennan Brooks
Jeremy Gallen
King Mike
Paul Kangas

Additional Thanks
Dark Force
Emu X Haven
Fear Gaia
Gideon Zhi
All Zsnes, Snes9x, etc. emulator programmers
All other Dragon Quest games translators and hackers
And Square Enix for the wonderful series, Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior


July 13th, 2002 - June 20th, 2003


Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English Dragon Quest I & II Reprise English


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