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Story of DragonQuest 5

Excerpt from the DragonQuest 5 manual:
He has traveled through the world with his father ever since he was a little boy. He is your other self, the form of the hero. As a little boy, he will meet lots of people and is sure to have all kinds of adventurous experiences, always continuing on his journey. However, the path will not always be easy, but in time, he will grow into a sturdy youth. Later on his journey, he will meet the Monster Gramps, and a sacred power hidden within him will awaken. With that mysterious power, he will clear away malice, reform many monsters, and make them into his friends. With their help, the hero will then be able to stand up and face his destiny.

Gameplay Information

Controller Usage

A Button
Show Commands (Menu Button): While wandering around, pressing the A Button will bring up a menu with a list of commands you can use.

Enter Commands: While in command mode, you can use the A button to enter the chosen command.

Advance Conversation: Also, if a down arrow appears during a conversation, push the A button to continue listening.

B Button
Cancel Commands
Use the B Button to close the command menu without choosing an option, or to answer "No" to a Yes/No question.

X Button
Auto Act
Press the X button to have the game automatically choose "Talk," "Door," or "Search" depending on what you are facing!

L Button
Performs the same function as X.

R Button
Performs the same function as X.

Start Button
This button is not used in the game.

Select Button
This button is not used in the game.

Y Button
This button is not used in the game.

Adventure Logs

Because you are undertaking a long arduous journey, you will surely find the need to record your adventure. To record your adventure, simply stop at a church and save your game. The priest will be more than happy to record your journeys. DragonQuest 5 allows for you to have three stored journeys.

The Monster Daycare Center
At some point in your journeys, you may find yourself with more monster friends than you can take with you. The Monster Daycare Center will gladly take care of your extra monsters. There are several Daycare Centers scattered around the world, so be sure to take advantage of it when you find one!

Ruida's Tavern
Just as at points you might have too many monsters to take with you, you also might have more humans than you want. In that case, you may drop them off at Ruida's Tavern in Granvania.

Translation Notes

As with any translation from one language to another, this fan translation is not perfect. Compromises have been made between accuracy and coherency. In some places, words were added, or line reworded to convey not only the literal meaning, but also the feeling behind the words. This translation in no way embellishes the original meaning however, and you will not find excessive cursing for no reason. A careful and delicate line between coherency and blatant 'culturization' was drawn and followed as closely as possible to result in a script that I am pretty proud of. However, I will be the first to admit that it is far from perfect.

The items, monsters, spells, and equipment were all converted to Dragon Warrior standards, and in all places possible, a name that we felt would have suited a Dragon Warrior game was used. This has resulted in a few compromises between direct translation or romanization and what is present in the game. However, for the space alotted for monster names, and the high standard of Dragon Warrior to live up to, what was done was what was needed to be done.

As you have probably noticed, there have been a great number of assembly code modifications done to this game. Dark Force has taken great care to add such traditional Dragon Warrior features as two line items and 8 character names, as well as performing menu expansion so that the full words could be fit in. In all areas of the game, his hard work and dedication show through, and I believe that this translation is truly a masterpiece because of the exquisite job he did.


Dark Force

Dialogue Translations

8x8 Translations

Script Editors

Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to Lord Tech for his gracious assistance in locating a decent Dialogue Font and his help in executing a few assembly hacks. He is a gentleman as well as a scholar to quote an old professor of mine.


The DragonQuest 5 team would like to thank all of those who have supported this and other DragonQuest translation projects as well as those involved in fan translations of any type.

Neil_ specificly would like to thank everyone involved in this project, especially Dark Force, Nan, and AWJ, As well as others who didn't participate in this project but offered much needed words of support and encouragement: Nightcrawler, Dinesquick, Bongo, Kueller, Magimoogle, satsu, Sir Dragoon, zHeights, and the now missing in action Xeur. Thanks also go out to the members of #romhaven and #romhack on dalnet for moral support, particularly Ultraright, Flobby, and the aforementioned Drakkhen. Many thanks to Tom Servo for the temporary use of his WildCard DX which has been put to great use beta testing, checking fonts, and procrastinating.

Dark Force would specifically like to thank Jigsaw, Vimm, Spinner 8, PlayTone, Opoth, Jason Li, Drahkken, J3d! and zsKnight for their great help with beta testing and moral support.


February, 23rd 2002


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