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This was my first translation project I was involved with! It involved the translators working through a 365KB EUC-JIS script dump of the game, and three people working through that translated script making it 'flow' in line with the story's characters and story line. Their was a large amount of ASM reworking (8KByte of ASM code, if I remember); notably the addition of a 'Variable Width Font', 'Dynamic Font Wrapping' and support for Japanese SaveRAM names. Insertion was achieved through custom forms which ended up being the format on all other translations I worked with. Altogether, a great experience, and a nice bunch of people to work with (plus the fans of FM were so supportive to us! ^^).

This should resolve any Front Mission SMC loading issues you may have with Emulators. This patch will expand the size of the file to 4Megabyte and adjust the Super Magicom loading header accordingly. This stands as a separate IPS patch at this moment because, 1: it does not affect all platforms - that includes Super Magicom backup units (the platform SMC files were designed for), and 2: the original Front Mission Translation patch does adhere to the Super Magicom file protocol so does not, in my opinion, merit as a 'bugfix'. The problem will show itself with Olson's first text in Freedom City. Any further updates of the Front Mission Translation will have this fix built into it to ensure compatibility with all platforms.

I hope this helps out! :)


Name: Akujin
Japanese Translator and Script Editor

Name: Hojo
Japanese Translator

Name: David Mullen
Script Editor, Util/Game testing, various menu translations.

Name: Shih Tzu
Assistant Script Editor.

Name: Frank Hughes / F.H.
Script Editor, script extraction/insertion tools, game code modifications / additions, game testing, delays =)

Name: Dark Force / 'Translator Hunter D'
EUC-JIS table file.

What Needs To Be Done

Main character's name might glitch sometimes in the Status Window menu.

Uncertain if everything is translated.

One scrolling dialogue screen will display two complete translations. We will alter this when we playtest that part of the game.

We are still playing through the game to fix contextual errors in the script. Expect a follow-up patch once this is complete.

Quick Thank You's and Greetings from FH

Chris Kim - For starting me on this insane journey, and contributing his efforts in the early stages.

David Mullen - For being dedicated to this and all his translation projects.

Hojo - For giving his skills when no one else would.

Akujin - For showing us the light! =) And being the fastest translator on this planet! :)

Shih Tzu - For his assistance, and also putting up with my mood swings! ;)

Darkforce - For his inspiration and chats.

NoComply - For putting up with me!! =P Plus being the 'St. Nicholas' of console development! ;>

Jason Li - For publicity at a time we didn't have any. Plus being a sane person to talk to! :)

My Family - For being there.

My Work Buddies - Ditto.

Thom Pratt - For patiently waiting for me to add his Papuwa title screen!! ^_^

FM Fans - Thanks for all the positive E-Mails you sent!! ^^


September 9th, 2001 08:00 - March 2nd, 2004


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