Translation (English) by Dynamic Designs / Stealth - v0.99.1


Version 0.99 released May 26th, 2001 4:10 P.M eastern time

Bug Fix: Thanks to Kitsune Sniper, Zatos and Myself I found and fixed a bug that displayed the end part of Gulliver's name backwards. And I also forgot to change "Edokkou" to "Edokko". That has been fixed. As for the bug that Snes9x produces while trying to display my Title hack, I can't trace that routine using Windows. So I don't know what the problem may be. It seems to work fine in Zsnes. Just for safety, I added a vram clear routine to TRY and remove any garbage left on a reset or whatever. But it still seems to be buggy in snes9x. That's it for now.

Version 0.99 released May 24th, 2001 2:05 A.M eastern time

Main and Only hacker, Bongo`

Akujin, Thanks a million!

Demi - Thanks for the title Drawing. I tried converting it the best I could.
Prez - Most, if not all of the Start menu graphic work.

Script revision:
Kitsune Sniper - Thanks buddy. Sorry for acting an ass at times.

Beta tester(s):
Kitsune Sniper
Gideon Zhi

Thanks go out to Deltaflame for giving me this project.


Due to the structure of the hacked data in this ROM, I doubt this game will work after being copied for use on a real SNES. Who knows, I may be wrong. But I'm pretty sure that it shouldn't work. You never know.

Well, all I can say is, patch the game, play the game, Try to enjoy the game. And if any bugs, errors or whatever are found, please let me know at

I beta tested the game one last time to fix some bugs and then I reinserted the repaired text. I don't know if there are any new bugs there. It's late, I'm tired and all I want to do is sleep. You can give me feed back as well. That would be nice. Until next release or project, good night! UPDATE: This does indeed not work in the most recent version of BSNES or on a real SNES.


May 24th, 2001 - May 26th, 2001


Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English Gulliver Boy English


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