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Disambiguation: Jelly Boy 2 is the sequel to Jerry Boy, released in Japan (and retitled Smart Ball for the US). It is not related to the PAL-exclusive game Jelly Boy, as far as I know.

Marine and his friends went to Jelly Land for a day of fun and excitement. A mysterious joker appears and turns them into slimes. Now Marine and his friends must seek out the mysterious jester to undo the spell.

Or something like it. I don't know if there's an official prologue.

This game never actually came out. How come it can be played on an emulator, I don't know. But it's a pretty fun game.

This is the sequel to Jerry Boy, released in September 1991 for the Super Famicom. Jerry Boy was a platform action game, starring a prince named Jerry. Jerry Boy was developed by Game Freak, who would go on to create some RPG series for Nintendo. I forget the name. :P Sony published the game. Jerry had been turned into a slime by an evil wizard. Jerry had to slither his way across a variety of scenes, including a town, underwater, and even the moon. He also had the unique ability to cling to just about everything in sight, as well quickly expand himself to pop enemies off the scene. It was a decent game, selling 50,000 copies in Japan, at least according to Game Freak. Jerry Boy was released in the US in April 1992 under the title Smart Ball. While Sony made a small improvement to the controls (they moved the shoot button from X or Y to L or R, so now you don't waste ammo every time you need to stick to something. Though the limited ammo was easy to refill, it was a minor annoyance.) The downside is that Sony also decided to delete the plot, rather than translate it. In 2000, Chris Covell released a patch for the Japanese release, which rectified that situation.

Somewhere in between, Game Freak and Sony decided to create a sequel. This game featured non-linear play, allowing the player to choose the order to complete the levels. This game also features multiple playable characters, creating some strategy for the player, to decide which is best suited to finish each stage. There are also a fair number of secrets to find, along with some pretty challenging bosses to defeat. All in all, a good game.

Unfortunately, this game was not released anywhere. The only speculation is that this game was developed in close proximity to the PlayStation's release, and Sony probably couldn't wait to be free of Nintendo, after Nintendo cancelled the "Play Station" CD drive for the SNES, the day it was to be "officially" announced.

Credits & Emulation Status

Translation, Title Design
Chris Covell

This game is playable to the end in most emulators. This music freezes during the credits in both emulators, though this happens in the original ROM, too.

Be aware that this game only made it to prototype stage. I don't know how it made it to the Internet, don't ask. Some people on the board have mentioned that games didn't usually have a proper checksum calculated until a retail version was produced. So, all copies on the Internet will have bad checksums.

What's done

All graphics and text have been translated, inserted, tested.

How to Play

To start with, choose START or OPTIONS on the title screen.
On the option screen, you can choose choose the button layout, as well as Stereo or Monaural sound.
A music and sound test is also available.
Back at the title screen, choose START to get to the file select screen.

For each save file, it will say "NO FILE" if you are starting a new game. Otherwise, there will be a star for each world completed. Press A to start/continue play, or press X if you would like to erase the file, to start from the beginning.

Next choose a starting stage. Initially, you will only be able to play Star Park.
Once you have completed Star Park, you will be allowed to choose one of several levels to play.
Complete all the levels to progress.

Press A to choose a level, then choose a sublevel to play, and press A.
If you have rescued one of Marine's friends, you will be asked to choose a character. Pick one and press A, or press B to return to the level select screen.

Game Controls:
Left/Right - move. You will automatically cling to walls and ceilings if you touch them.
Up - press to stretch upward, attacking enemies from below. Also press to enter a door.
Down - press to flatten. You can attack enemies this way, as well as avoid damage.
Select - press while paused to exit a stage. This is useful when you want to switch to another character. You won't recover any health, though.
Start - pause.
L Button - not used.
R Button - not used.
X Button - not used.
Y Button - hold to move faster.
B Button - jump, swim in water levels, float in the space level.
A Button - use your character's special talent.

As you progress though the levels, you will find several power-ups.
Jellybeans - collect 100 for an extra life.
Heart - collect to refill one heart in your health meter. If it is full, you will get temporary invincibility.
Check - you will return to this point in the stage if you die.
Empty Heart - There is one in each world. When you collect four, your health meter will increase by one heart, and you will recover full health. The amount collected will be displayed at the top of the screen.
Slate Fragment - The use of this is a mystery, but there is one in each world.

As you defeat bosses, you will slowly rescue Marine's pals.
Marine - The blue-haired star of the game.
Special Talent: Ball - Marine can shoot a ball. It arks a bit upwards, but it takes a moment to reload.
Mint - A pretty young lady with green hair.
Special Talent: Star - Throws her star at an enemy. It shoots straight forward, and reloads quickly.
Yolk - A rotund young fellow.
Special Talent: Speed Burner - He fly at high speed across the screen, right through enemies. He can also destroy certain blocks by flying into them.
Sienna - Marine's trusty dog.
Special Talent: Tail - He can wag his tail rapidly to descend slowly.
Carm - She is very worried.
Special Talent: Dissolve - She can drop through small platforms.
Ed - A smart man with purple hair. He has a bit of an ego.
Special Talent: Bomb - He can lay a bomb. It takes a few moments to detonate, and he can only lay one at a time, but it is very strong. His bombs can also destroy certain blocks.


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