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Original patch by Chris Covell with lots of help from Mina Takahashi, the updated patch described below has been prepatched onto the original. Original patches are included.

Jerry Boy is a platformer created by Game Freak (of Pokemon fame). It was released for the Super Famicom in September 1991. It was released in North America as Smart Ball in April 1992. However, the North American version removed the story cutscenes.

Chris Covell translated Jerry Boy back in 2001. It allowed us to play the game in English with the story intact. While it was a good hack, it unfortunately had used a pretty ugly 16x16 font (not to complain about Chris' work. 16x16 English fonts rarely if ever look good. And ASM hacking wasn't really common back in those days, nor were tools easily available)

So, I took some time to replace the mixed-case font with the game's original 8x8 English all-caps font to make it look more consistent. I also had to fix up some of the game's code to make it display properly. Additionally, I have included (possibly the) one improvement made in the American version: You can shoot with L or R, which stops you from having to waste a shot of your semi-limited ammo every time you press X or Y to move faster or stick to a wall.

Original Info:
This is an English translation of a fun little platform game for the SNES/SFC, called Jerry Boy. It came out in America as "Smartball"; however, the US version had had several scenes taken out of the game. The Japanese version of Jerry Boy had an introductory sequence which established the story. In addition, there are towns throughout the game that you can visit, including a desert town, angel village, ice town, and forest cabin. You go through these towns and talk to people, who carry the storyline along. There's even one scene where you can get swallowed by a huge whale and talk to the folks trapped inside. All this was taken out of the American version. X-(

(Incidentally, a sequel to Jerry Boy, called Jelly Boy 2 (don't ask) was almost released in Japan. Beta versions of the ROM are floating around the Internet, so check it out! Not a bad sequel.)

So, I managed to get a cartridge of Jerry Boy for the Super Famicom. It was so fun and engaging (in a simple platformy way) that I decided to translate it to English. This is my first translating project ever, but it wasn't that hard to do. I started by locating the game's font and Japanese text. I then wrote a quick little program (in C) that converted the encoded Japanese characters into a romanized alphabet. This helped the translation out, so that I could print out the text and take it with me on my vacation. :-)

Next, I started translating the text (with many references to a Japanese dictionary), and I enlisted the help of my friend, Mina Takahashi. I got ahold of a suitable 16x16 Roman font, colourized it and gave it an outline, and bunged it into the CHR space. After that, it was just the laborious task of putting in the text and re-wording it to make it fit in the constrained space of the screen. Last, I tried to find some place to add my name briefly. (The game is programmed tightly, so it was a little difficult.) I eventually decided to put it on the title screen, and so I had to figure out how THAT text was stored. The text is a bunch of sprites, so I had to experiment with a few things until I gave up and simply changed the CHR graphics again.

I've given the game a couple of runs through, so it should be error-free. I even fixed up a couple of graphics bugs that were in the original game. There is a bit of text (which I've also translated) that I never encounter playing the game. There seems to be an alternate ending; does anybody know how to access it? Or, was it taken out of the production version?

Here are some SNES Game Genie (and Action Replay) codes which I've made for Jerry Boy.

AR: 00A043AD
Infinite Lives:
GG: C2BB-076D
AR: 00919EAD
GG: E1C4-07AD
AR: 00A12FF6

Thanks: To Epic/Sony/Game Freak/System Sacom for a cute and fun game! Mina Takahashi, for all your help. Ai shiteru!
Anti-Thanks: To Sony Imagesoft for cheaping out on us Westerners. Nintendo, for your censorship which rears its ugly head again.


August 8th, 2001 - December, 25th, 2010


Jerry Boy English Jerry Boy English Jerry Boy English Jerry Boy English Jerry Boy English Jerry Boy English Jerry Boy English


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