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About the Game

Miracle Girls is based on a manga by Nami Akimoto. It was later adapted into a TV anime series. The manga is about twin sisters Tomomi and Mikage Matsunaga, and their love lives in high school. Tomomi is tomboyish and athletic, while Mikage is feminine and intellectual. These twins have ESP powers but they try to hide this from their friends. Only Mr. Kageura knows their secret!

In the game, the sisters and their friends are suddenly teleported to a strange and magical world. You must help them find their missing friends and defeat Majo-Majo's villains by throwing candy as your only weapon, and eventually find the way back home.

Patch Credits

Project Leader, Romhacker

Eien Ni Hen

English Voices

Final Playtest

Playing the Game

This game is a typical platformer where you control either Tomomi or her sister Mikage in typical side scrolling action.

Throwing candies at the enemy will freeze that enemy for about five seconds, enabling you to jump on top of it without getting hurt.

Also sometimes the other character will try to communicate with each other telepathically, for example when you're about to jump on a coloured platform. Listen carefully and jump on the colour that the character says, if you don't then you will fall.

There are also many minigames scattered around the game, as well as minigame-only single player and multiplayer modes. The way to play these games are explained in the story mode.

If you have trouble getting past one of the mini-games, use the following PAR code to always win: 7E00BE02


v1.1 - February 10th, 2019
v1.0 - October 2nd, 2004


Miracle Girls English Miracle Girls English Miracle Girls English Miracle Girls English Miracle Girls English Miracle Girls English Miracle Girls English Miracle Girls English


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