Translation (English) by Frank Hughes (F.H.) - v1.0 Beta



We had two main drafts of the translated script: one by Unicorn23 and the other by Karin Aoi. Script Editing and all-round testing by David Mullen. There was also excellent artwork created by Thom Pratt, though it was my fault it was never added into the game - I still intend to see that part through! :) ASM modifications to the game included adding a Variable Width Font.


Name: Karin Aoi
Japanese Translator (full translation of new script).

Name: Unicorn23 / ROM
Japanese Translator (full translation of early script).

Name: David Mullen
Script Editor/Proof-reading, Game/Util' Beta testing.

Name: Dark Force / 'Translator Hunter D'
EUC-JIS table file, early script proof-reading.

Name: Frank Hughes / F.H.
Script extraction/insertion tools, game code modifications/additions, font extracting, delays =)

What Needs To Be Done

• The prologue that appears when you start a new game.
• All graphical text (i.e. enemy names, menu options, status bar)
• Credits (taken out for now)


Directional Pad = Move left or right
A button = Energy shot (consumes one orb)
B button = Jump
Y button = Punch
L button = Slide left
R button = Slide right

Down + Y = Leg Sweep
B + Y = Jump Kick
(L,R) + Y = Rising Kick
B + (L,R) = Diving Kick

When you start a new game, you have access to the lower three islands, and the first stage of the main island. The first island in the bottom left only represents Papuwa Island, and has no importance to the actual gameplay.

The second island is used to create and input passwords. Passwords consist of a sequence of three portraits. The leftmost option will exit the password screen. By highlighting a portrait and pushing up or down, you can cycle through all of them. The rightmost option will attempt to enter in the password. Note that passwords will not save your orb count, life meter, experience level or amount of lives. It only counts how many stages have been completed.

The third island allows you to change the sound settings. The first option is for Stereo sound, and the second one is for Monaural sound.

While playing, you might encounter blocks that flash an icon when broken. These are powerups that Shintaro can use.

Orb = Increases orb count by one
Various food = Slightly refills your life meter
Fish-head = Completely refills your life meter
Mini-Shintaro = Extra life
Heart = Added to your heart meter / When you collect four, you gain an extra level of life

When you defeat an enemy, you gain experience points, which are needed to increase Shintaro's level of power. The maximum level of experience is five.


July 9th, 2000


Nankoku Shounen Papuwa-kun English Nankoku Shounen Papuwa-kun English Nankoku Shounen Papuwa-kun English Nankoku Shounen Papuwa-kun English


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