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Contact Details

The primary contact for this patch is Haeleth, whose website is currently located at "". The most up-to-date release of this patch can be found here. I can be contacted at "". This address is solely for correspondance related to my FAQs, translations, or the games concerned. Polite responses are not likely to be given to ROM requests, translation requests, or questions answered in this readme or on my website. Questions about translation in general (not directly related to my translations) _will_ receive polite responses, but I'm likely simply to refer you elsewhere.

Revision History

2.00 - 2006/2/19
After nearly four years, the patch is finally complete with RPGOne's help. Jonny has translated the menus and title screen and hacked the pointers to allow an uncut script to be used, and ChrisRPG has replaced the ugly 12x16 font with a rather prettier 8x16 variable-width font. For my part, I've revised the script thoroughly; not only are there now no major cuts (previously about 20% of the text had to be removed), but a number of inaccuracies have been removed in the process.

1.10 - 2002/3/18
Fixed a few formatting bugs, and added a string that turned out to be used after all. Redoing the inserter bought me another 2k of space, so the script is now somewhat more complete. Still no menus.

1.01 - 2001/8/30
Minor aesthetic update: introductory text scroll replaced with a fuller and much prettier version, game script slightly revised and slightly expanded, rom checksum hacked (see below). No progress on menus.

1.00 - 2001/7/30
Initial release.


Directional pad - movement
A - attack, talk, select
B - jump, speed up dialogue
X - select equipment
Y - throw chain
Start - pause
Select - Save Game


1. Compatibility
To the best of my knowledge all modern SNES emulators are able to play this game correctly and without any special settings. I don't know whether this game will work on real SNES hardware with a copier.

2. Limits of the Translation
The credits sequence, and the names of monsters, were already in English. I have corrected spellings in both places. The names in the credits are untouched, even where the romanisation was inconsistent, with one exception: in the second THANKS screen, I have abbreviated Hiroshi Hashimoto's given name to H.

3. Character Names
Bokey (Bogii): I'm pretty sure they didn't mean to call him "bogie" - hence the change.

Duke (Dyuuku): pronounced 'dyook', not 'dook'.

Gunther (Gyuntaa): pronounced 'gunter', not 'gunther'. The official roman form was Gunter. I'm interpreting this as a German name, hence my spelling.

Secia (Seshia): pronounced 'seSHIa', not 'seSIa', 'SEsha', etc. The spelling is the roman form used in the game.

Wein (Wein): pronounced as 'vine' or 'wayne'. The latter is the actual Japanese pronunciation, but I prefer to interpret it as another German name. Feel free to disagree.

Why all these German names? Simply because "Neugier" is itself a German word, meaning 'curiosity, inquisitiveness'.

4. Was this translation necessary? You may have heard rumours of an American release, and one was indeed planned, under the title "The Journey Home"; screenshots were published in the American gaming press, but ultimately the release never happened. A prototype cartridge may or may not exist.

Even after all this work, I do sort of hope it turns up - it'd be interesting to compare it with this version.

This translation uses the subtitle "The Journey Home" in tribute to the unreleased version.

6. Just how short IS this game? I can complete the Japanese version in about forty minutes on an SFC, twenty in an emulator with save states but no other cheats. I imagine anyone could match or beat that with practice. I'm not planning to record people's best times or anything, but I would like to hear from anyone who manages to achieve Couch Potato rank without cheating!


July 30th, 2001 - February 19th, 2006


Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English Neugier - The Journey Home English


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