Other (English) by Frank Hughes (F.H.) - vN/A


This patch enables an Monster Test Screen (Animation/Background Effects), Object Collision Disable, Stage/Map 'Warping'. I still have to find the sound test which I *know* is there somewhere! :)

*UPDATE: 8th March 2000*: Thanks to an E-Mail from Kain, the soundtest was found, and it's actually hidden on the game map!ere.

Enable/Disable Object Collision
Press 'A'. This toggles the ability to allowing walk through/over objects.

Map Select
TL + TR/Start (optional), then a direction (optional), then, either Y,X,A

The longer you hold/amount of times you press the TL,TR/Start generate a number. This combined with the direction you hold and the button you press give the Map area!!! But, I don't know this game at all, nor have the patience to work out all of the combinations, so if anyone is willing to document them, send them along, and I'll include them in this text along with your name! :)

Speed of movement for the Main Character
TL+ TR/Start (optional), then B. (various noises give different rates of speed).

Fight Monster
Press 'Select'.

Debug Monster Mode
Press and hold 'Select' then press X (or A or Y) at the same time.

Options In Monster Debug Mode
X = Alternate between Night/Day.
Start = Check Vertical Scroll (for 'shake'!!!)
Left / Right = Change Monster Selection.
Up / Down = Change Monster Selection (in steps of 10).
TL / TR = Change Background Scenery (TL=backstep, TR=Forwardstep).
A = Check monster animation.
B = Exit
Y = Replay (or redo/reset).



Paladin's Quest (Debug) English Paladin's Quest (Debug) English Paladin's Quest (Debug) English


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