Translation (English) by Zuqkeo - v1


Version History

Pre 0.9:
• Working on the translation

• First release of the translation hack. It still contains the Japanese "Panel De Pon" logo. I need to replace it, but making a good one costs much more time than expected...

• Fixed several glitches which I oversaw
• Mr. Time appears on the "right" of the screen
• Corrected pointer offset to "freeing Elias, Ruby & Thiana"
• Lip's face did not appear during the dialogue on the SHard ending
• Flower stage was Moon stage, because I forgot to change a byte back to its original state.
• Make note to self to ask some beta testers, before releasing a patch the next time round.

• Fixed several more small glitches.
• Apparently some of the "Death" texts were mixed up
• Improved my English phrasing at a few points

• Final release / Fixed last remaining glitches
• Fixed several typographical and grammatical errors in the script. Note that because of text width limitations a few occurrences of 'shortened' phrasing still persist. (Thanks to Brappy for reading through the script)
• Fixed Lip's facial expression to a frowny when beating VS on hard and S-hard with continues (Thanks to Palom the Black mage to point this out)
• Updated the Title logo to depict the English PDP logo (Thanks to Dr. Mario's logo design)
• Updated/modified the version label at the bottom of the title screen. It now fits properly on the screen.
• Updated lay-out on the Endless ending to appear fluently among the others
• Updated the Stage Clear/Puzzle endings to appear fluently among the others
• Incorporated the 'hacked' ending for the VS mode
• Correctly formatted Thanatos' and Cordelia's bio-screens. (Thanks to MurraySkull for finding the PAR codes to make their screens appear)

What the Patch Does

• Adds an additional fontset to display our alpabeth in Variable Width Font
• Replaces all Japanese text messages by English ones
• Replaces all Japanese textual images by English equivalents, with the exceptions listed below.
• Other than that the game is left unmodified, so no special quirks were added... ;)

What the Patch Doesn't Do

• Translate the yells of the fairies. I don't know how to modify the SPC data in the ROM and besides one would need female (or very high pitched men) to mimick the small fairies' voices. :P
• Show Thanatos' and Cordelia's bio-screens after waiting several minutes at the title screen. Enter these PAR codes by MurraySkull to view them:
See Thanatos' bio when bios are shown: 7E9E2B0B
See Cordelia's bio when bios are shown: 7E9E2B0C


Programs used:
Tilemolester - Handy for modifying the images in this game
Geiger's Snes9x Debugger - Great for hacking SNES ROMs

Xubelox & Da Bubba: For translation the script of the game
Dr. Mario: Made me a custom English title logo, thanks! ^_^
Relnqshd: For his help and hints on how to get this project started
FuSoYa: For creating Lunar IPS (an easy to use Patching program)
Palom the Black Mage, Asho, Kaepez, Brappy: found several glitches English translation. Thanks for reporting these.

The people at & message boards. Thank you for your support & help, which I appreciate a lot.

Contact Information

If you have anything to report regarding this translation hack, then please mail me at the given address below. If you find any errors or when you have any good suggestions for improvements I am more than willing to fix those! I do need proper instructions, because I do not know telepathically where these problems occurred.

mail - knuckle_iron*hotmail!com (please replace the * and ! with the proper signs)
www -


April 5th, 2007 - December 31st, 2007


Panel de Pon English Panel de Pon English Panel de Pon English Panel de Pon English


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