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Enable a stage select (including bonus levels), Aircraft debug display.

This patch also enables the Jet Heli to be selected from the craft select screen.  *Unfortunately*, the code for the Jet Heli was never finished, so expect a 'splash'! :) But it does explain the number of heli-pads in the level designs.

Stage Select
On the craft select screen, press 'X'. A stage number will appear in the lower portion of the screen. You can change the stage by using TL and TR. Bonus stages are accessible doing the following once in the stage select: • Birdman #1: Stage 0, RocketBelt.
• Birdman #2: Stage 0, HandGlider.
• Penguin Stage 6, Skydiving.

Quick Death!
Hold Select, then press 'X'.

Bribe the Instructor!!! ;>
Hehe.. well, after a result you didn't do well in (or you did the 'Quick Death'), press 'Select' after he/she gives you their deliberation to be given 100 points and a hearty 'Congratulations'!!! :)

Game Data
Whilst in-game, hold 'Select' and press 'Y'. Game information will be displayed where the fuel guage is normally displayed. There are 7 displays, though I'm not sure of the meaning of some.. Some could be 'Vertical, Horizontal Acceleration relative to Global Co-ordinates' or 'Aircraft orientation'... I don't know :((

Data #1 Global Co-ordinate of aircraft.
Data #2 ?
Data #3 ?
Data #4 ?
Data #5 ?
Data #6 ?
Data #7 Fuel quantity.

Using one of the above options with the Light Plane sets you in just above the runway for a landing.



Pilotwings (Debug) English Pilotwings (Debug) English Pilotwings (Debug) English Pilotwings (Debug) English Pilotwings (Debug) English


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