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Hardware Update

2012-01-21: This patch did not work on real hardware and has been updated to do so by mziab:
I've done a little detective work and managed to find a solution. Basically, this bug happened not because of transfers being done before vblank, but because the entire VWF was done during vblank, shifting and all. This worked okay for regular dialogue, but broke when things got too busy (i.e. during the intro) because vblank ended too soon. As a countermeasure, I've moved the VWF out of NMI and made it queue its DMA transfers. Now the intro looks as intended and I've yet to see any adverse effects on the game. It would be nice if someone could do some more thorough testing, though.

Introduction / History

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story RPG for the Super Famicon was made by Angel and released in Japan around 1995. It was one of many console games developed for the SNES and gameboy during that time period based on the popular Manga and Anime show, "Sailor Moon". The majority of these games tend to be puzzle games, fighter games, and so forth. SMRPG is distinctive however, in that it currently remains the only console Sailor Moon game in the RPG category to have been developed and released commercially.

Unfortunately, none of these Sailor Moon games, including the RPG, ever saw a commercial North American release. And given the factthat the 16 bit era of gaming is fast becoming nothing more than a distant memory in the wake of yet a second wave of next generation systems, it's doubtful that they ever will.

This left only the fan and emulation community. In 1997, Cecil began the initial effort of trying to bring about a translation patch of the game, and Bishoujo Senshi Translations (BST) was born. He was soon joined by several others interested in the same goal (translator Moose among them), and it wasn't long till a script dump was obtained with Artemio's help, allowing the translation to get underway.

But as is often the case with SNES RPG projects, the ROM would not give up all its secrets so easily. The menu fonts, along with much of the menu text itself, were compressed beyond recognition. Also the game code was designed only for a 16x16 fixed width font for the main story text, making english text look rather large and unsightly.

The absence of progress on the ROM modifications combined with the lack of time by several key people gradually caused BST to become nearly comatose. Just about everyone in the initial group slowly dropped out of sight. As 1998 wore on, a few other small attempts were made by separate projects that tried to create their own SMRPG translation patches. But they eventually failed as well.....

Sometime during the summer of 1998, FuSoYa appeared for the first time and contacted Cecil with information dealing with the ROM's compression scheme. In turn, Cecil got back in contact with Moose. Within a few months, they would form the core of the restarted attempt to make the SMRPG translation a reality. Cecil continued to handle the webpage, while Moose diligently translated material and FuSoYa took over the ROM modifications by starting the patch over from scratch. By the Christmas of '98, the compression had been long defeated, the menus modified, the ROM expanded, a newly created VWF ASM code modification implemented, and the translation was on its way.

The work continued on well into 1999. FuSoYa continued to refine the patch, creating tools to add in translated signs, intro credits, etc, as Moose finished the lists and kept working away at the scripts. In July, Lina`chan (who had recently finished with SD3) joined Moose in translating the last of the Japanese material. With the two's combined efforts, the translation was quickly completed in August, and testing by Kisai went underway.

And on Mercury's birthday of September 10th, 1999...the finished SNES SMRPG translation patch was released to the public.


FuSoYa (Defender of Relm)

Moose M. (Moose-kun)
Lina Inverse (Lina`chan)
Nuku-Nuku (Atsuko Natsume)

Janitha R. (SailorDiana)

Som2Freak (konnyaku)
Harmony7 (harmony7)


While walking around in towns:
A: Talk, confirm
B: Run, cancel
X: Main Menu
Start: MakeUp Links Menu
Select: Options Menu (text speed, color, etc)
L/R: Dash

While flying on the ark:
Up/Down: Move ark forwards/backwards
Left/Right: Turn ark Left/Right
L/R: Move ark Left/Right without turning
X: View Map
Y: Transport to the Moon (Silver Millennium)
A: Transport to surface while over a town

Translation notes from Moose

This translation has tried to stay as faithful as possible to the original Japanese. Therefore, name suffixes and the original Japanese names (eg Mizuno-san) have been left in, and not changed to the DiC names. For the uninitiated, a name conversion table has been included in the liner notes. I recommend everyone reads the liner notes, even people who have seen the original anime, cause the game does include some elements from the manga which'll confuse the hell out of you if you don't know what's going on. (Although, if you read the manga too, that's ok ^_^)

Oh yeah, a warning: Cause the original series was a lot more 'mature' than the DiC dub, this game consequentially does contain some more mature themes (death, love, yadayadayada). Be warned :).

Personal Comments

A. Lina`chan
Yay! Another part for me on a readme! Well first of all Sailor Moon is one of my favorite anime! If not my favorite one! ^^ So I decided to give my friends of BST a little hand with the translation, and as you can see we've come out with a full translation! I hope you all enjoy this Sailor Moon game as much as we enjoyed working on it. Big hugs to all my friends! Oh! And you Sailor Moon fans! If you are into Internet text-based role playing games. Come visit Bishoujo Senshi Muck! Or telnet to telnet:// We will be waiting for you! ^_^

B. Moose
Hmm. I really don't have anything to say. Funny that, I usually can't shut up :P.

C. Cecil
When I first began this project waay back in early '97 or so, I wasn't quite sure at the time if it'd ever get finished. At the time, I was the only person I knew working on it, and the current well-known players of the ROM scene weren't exactly eager to have more people hopping around dipping their hand into the rom-hacking cookie jar (Som2Freak, you should be more polite to beginning translators :D). It was just me, my hex editor, and a big sheet of graph paper I wrote the hex codes to all the japanese characters on. Fortunately, however, word spread of the project and people flocked to my horrible Geocities page and offered to help. Unfortunately, though, real-life time constraints being what they were, I eventually just took the backseat to keep the website alive while our expert coder FuSoYa and our translators hurried the project along to its goal. But luckily it has all finally come together, and we can all proudly present you with the completely translated Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story.

Curiously enough, I don't think any of the original group is still with us now at the end, but I'd like to thank EVERYONE that helped in any possible way, especially the current project members and everyone already listed in this text file (without whom this wouldn't have been possible!), and of course Artemio Urbina for his help in developing some initial code to dump scripts, etc, which made our job a lot easier. Special thanks as well to Newton Tron for helping to keep the project and its members coordinated in the early stages. I'd also like to offer my acknowledgements for the literally hundreds, if not thousands of people who emailed offering support or kind words, and to let all the patient, polite folks out there know they're finally getting what they've been waiting for. Thank you!

D. FuSoYa
I'd just like to personally thank Moose for his long hours of translation work, Lina`chan for graciously aiding us in getting past that last translation mile, and Cecil for keeping the page alive for so long. I'd also like to thank's own Kisai for beta testing the patch over the past few weeks for me. And thanks to TheGun for sending me that snes9x tracer a while back, as well as to anyone else involved in creating some of the tools I've used at one point or another (ZSNES debugger, Yoshi's disassembler, Jeremy Gordon's 65816 assembler, Naga, Borland's C++ 5.02 package).

And for putting up with all our ramblings, here's a small boon for anyone that's playing through the game a second time now that it's in english but doesn't want to waste time for a few initial levels. When the Sailor Moon title screen shows up, hold down X and press start. You should hear a confirmation chime and be taken to the load menu. Start a new game, and the senshi will now begin at level 16 instead of level 1. Enjoy!

And since someone will likely ask this anyway: yes, that was there in the original game, and no you don't really have to wait for your second time through... assuming you don't mind cheating your first time through a game meant for little girls. :P Ack! No wait, I didn't mean to imply...!!!

::FuSoYa is carried off by a band of angry female gamers and SM fans, never to be heard from again::


September 10th, 1999 - January 21st, 2012


Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story English


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