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About the Tenchi Muyo! RPG Translation

In 2000, Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku & Filia's Translations released an English translation of this game. All of the Japanese text was translated, but the coding was unfinished. The version they released was playable, but it just had a "broken" feel to it; it was more fun to play in an alien language (Japanese).

You can't fault LNF for releasing unfinished games since their project coordinator passed away in a traffic accident. (Or so I hear from the internet rumors.) The best anyone can do to honor Lina`chan's memory is to finish what she started.

This is where borderLine steps into the picture. Just don't accuse me of anything so noble. When I started working on this game, I had never heard of LNF Translations and I didn't even know there was an English translation out there. When I found it, I was sorely disappointed. It disgusted me so much that I continued working on my Japanese copy for awhile. But I eventually threw it away in favor of hacking their rom, and then I really started getting into it.

Also, don't accuse me of being a Japanese translator. LNF translated this game. I'm just a lowly programmer. I know just enough hiragana and katakana to make out people's names and a few words like yes, no, attack, heal, and slime. My kanji mastery consists of fire, circle, and rain. I'm not even trying to learn Japanese. I have enough on my plate right now.

I spent a total of two months on this game: January-March 2009, not counting minor corrections afterwards. It was a really easy rom, and I didn't use any of the advanced tools that romhackers use nowadays. This started out as a learning experience for me. I edited all of the graphics in a hex editor (and had to learn how the SNES stores graphics when using 2bpp format) and even did most of the coding just copying and pasting numbers using the advanced pattern matching algorithms that exist in borderLine's brain. ¦ ) I looked back on some of that code after learning about 65C816 assembly and I was actually kind of amazed at what I had pulled off just moving numbers around. It was pretty messy, though. Most of that was cleaned up in version 1.1.

I still spend a lot of time playing with this game. It's so much fun that I can always find things to do with it when my other projects get me down.

So I present to you, after a nine-year hiatus, a completely playable game. Note: I'm still accepting bug reports. This is my first romhack, so I want it to look nice.

I know this game inside and out, except for one thing: the SPC700 code. It would be nice if someone wanted to figure that out for me. They speak English in everything else that was translated. Some things just beg to be translated, like when they say "Koidiriska" or "Kranbatekoratekaine".

Known Issues

Issues present in the original Japanese:
• The controls are often sluggish and not very responsive. Luckily, it's not an action game. If you open this game and look inside, you'll see why it runs slowly: The Japanese programmers were very sloppy.
• I've had problems with the game freezing. Others have not. Your experience may vary.
• Sometimes the player graphics will be drawn on top of the background for the text windows.

Original Credits


Main Hacker

ROM Modifications

Translation Coordinator

Main Translator

Auxiliary Translator

Beta Testing
Johansen Quijano

Original Project History

July 28th, 1999. A date which passed into translation history. Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) has been translated 100% and a patch has been released by Neill Corlett, Lina, Nuku and Som2Freak. It was also the same date the Tenchi Muyo RPG translation was born, with all the hype and feedback our translators received they quickly moved to work in this evil game. It only took one week, yes you read right, just one week for the script to be fully translated. And guided by the amazing hacker TheGun, the game was on its way to get released in no time. However this wasn't the fate for this promising translation project. Two weeks after the translation's birth the main hacker for the project TheGun disappears, leaving his great work behind, a buggy patch that would cause havoc to Lina's group for the following 9 months. The patch, as it was by the time, had the main translated dialogue inserted and a big evil text bug that haunted the battle windows. And to make the story short, the text bug continued its evil ways for almost 8 months, when Lina`chan showed it who was the hacker and who the hacked! ^^; However the text bug hasn't been completely destroyed. As it still resides in some, but little, parts in the game. Why do they release this 98% patch? Frankly, because it has been very tiring and stressful all this time. So to relieve some pressure, we decide to release this complete-buggy but playable patch into public circulation. I hope this is as good as our other translations and we seek to make you, the player, happy. ^.^
Hugs and candy from the translation team,


July 28th, 1999 - December 30th, 2009


Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English Tenchi Muyo! RPG English


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