Translation (English) by satsu - v0.9


Patch History

v0.90 - 2/6/2007
• Replay system completely translated.
• Game over graphic translated.
• Title screen *not* translated. See below for details.
• Idiocy removed.
• Let's forget the previous versions ever existed.

v2.1 ROMHackWorkshop - April, 2000: First Release.

Operating the Replay System

First, you need something to replay. For the sake of this demonstration, play the game, lose all your lives, and return the main menu. Go into the replay menu, and select the option "Save". The save menu will list 10 files, representing the 10 lives you used. They're named FIELDxx, where xx is the number of the FIELD you died at. Anyway, pick a file and save it. Now, you can replay it. Leave the Save menu, and you can either Replay, Rename or Delete the file. I think it's pretty self explanatory from there.

What doesn't this patch do?

The title screen is left in the original Japanese. I think it looks better that way, but if anyone feels like producing a *good* English version, I'll gladly incorporate it into this translation.

Why, after all this time, are you rereleasing such a minor translation?

Umihara Kawase was my very first contribution to the translation scene, and it's nostalgic for me. However, I also produced this translation when I was a stupid high schooler, and it ended up being that I couldn't think back on it without cringing in embarrassment. One thing that particularly bothered me was that I had altered the TNN logo graphic at the start of the game to a short message, and another was the really crappy hand-written "The End!" on the Game Over screen. I decided I couldn't put this translation on my current site without fixing this, and I thought maybe I could at least get this out there so that eventually only a few people will know that I was a dumb high school kid once.

Credits and Thanks

Translation / Hacking

Special Thanks To
Kent Keltner, who brought this game to my attention.
Akimaru, who helped me with some difficult parts of the translation as I didn't actually speak Japanese when the translation was first made.


April 2000 - February 6th, 2007


Umihara Kawase English Umihara Kawase English Umihara Kawase English Umihara Kawase English Umihara Kawase English


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